DPP Dipeptide Power™ Single Serve Packets (Case of 100)

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The most advanced protein formula clinically proven to accelerate the wound healing process

** New Watermelon Flavor **

Comes in cases of 100 Packets

    Flavors: Sugar-Free Cherry, Watermelon

    Dual Protein 100% EAA

    Dipeptide & Whey Protein

    • Proline-Hydroxyproline (PO)
    • Hydroxyproline-Glycine (OG)
    • L-Glutamine
    • L-Arginine
    • Zinc & Copper
    • Vitamin C, E, B-12


    • Dual protein & 100% EAA
    • Increases skin moisture & elasticity
    • Stays in Plasma 4 hours
    • Repairs Skin from within
    • Predigested/rapid absorption
    • Prevents enzymatic breakdown
    • Speedy healing & lower costs

    Recommended Usage:

    • For Mild wounds such as stasis ulcers, abrasions, skin tears & bruises: Take 2 Tbsp. / 2X a day.
    • For Moderate & Severe wounds such as deep tissue, unstageable wounds, post-surgical & diabetic wounds: Take 2 Tbsp. / 3-4x a day.

    Please note:

    Consult with your healthcare provider before starting new therapies. Do not use for weight loss & is not a sole source of nutrition.


    Store at room temperature in a clean and hygienic manner. Reseal tightly after opening and discard after 60 days. Do not refrigerate or expose to excessive heat.

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